The experts in the distillation of natural fruit brandies, university professors, people with vast experience behind them, all claim that the copper brandy still is unequaled in the production of good brandy. And our decades of experience speaks the same. Therefore, in our manufacture we are staying with traditional materials, with respect to modern technological solutions.

With the production of new devices, we are here for you when you need to fix the old brandy still of any made. Also, for your brandy still we can produce and install any of the additions of your choice: a mixer (manual or electric), the lifter for the still head, grille ... Everything we do will be done according to schedule and within the defined period. To the mutual satisfaction.

For many years of work, which are part of the tradition of coppersmiths PETKO, we have made a large number of different devices. And we will not stay there. There are plans for new projects and new products. In the near future our customers can expect distillation columns from our workshop made according to the project of professors of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Agriculture.